Application for making Smart Ration Card Online 2021 – Application form for Smart Ration Card

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Smart ration card online application | Uttrakhand Smart Ration Card | Smart Ration Card Application Form | Smart Ration Card Registration

The Food Supply Department has made complete preparations for making smart ration cards. The tender will be issued within a week. Through this smart card, the ration cardholders of Uttarakhand will not have any problem in getting ration, they can get ration from any government cheap ration shop. The card will be upgraded and converted into Smart Ration Card 2021.

Smart Ration Card Online 2021 | How to get Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card

It is a very good opportunity for more than 23 lakh ration card holders of Uttarakhand state to renew their ration card and make Smart Ration Card 2021 and all the people coming from below poverty line of the state can benefit greatly. District Fulfillment Officer Jaswant Singh Kandari has told that there are about one and a quarter to four lakh ration cards in the district which will be made smart. Those who have applied for ration card will first be made smart. After that, other ration cards will also be made smart.

Ration card holders will soon be given smart cards

Now the waiting of consumers of Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state to get smart ration card is about to end, after some time all ration card holders will be provided with smart ration card. The District Supply Department has started giving the list of consumers for printing of smart ration cards to the concerned agency. Firstly, smart cards will be made in the shops of ration dealers, whose verification of 90 percent of the consumers has been completed. With the creation of this smart card, there will be transparency in ration distribution. District Supply Officer Jaswant Singh Kandari ji has told that at present 1050 cheap neck shops are present in Dehradun district. In which pon four lakh ration card is present. In which two and a quarter lakh white cards are made under the National Food Security Act and 15000 cards are Antyodaya cards and 1.5 lakh yellow cards.

Verification done so far

For this smart, 90 percent consumers of 50 ration card dealers have been verified. There are 100 other ration dealers whose verification has been more than 80 percent. And more than 70 per cent of more than 500 ration dealers have been verified. As soon as the order from the government comes, the work of printing the smart card will be started. And soon after that all ration card holders will be given smart cards. It can be 50 rupees per smart card.

What is a smart ration card? Uttrakhand Smart Ration Card

Smart ration cards in 2021 the food and other provisions by the government subsidized the replacement of the normal ration of logos used by families of weaker sections of the economic society is to supply | the Uttrakhand Smart Ration Card 2021 economic through All the basic provisions for the survival of the weak families should be obtained. With this smart ration card, Uttarakhand will become digital and will advance in the field of technology.

About Uttrakhand Smart Ration Card 2021

After the creation of a smart ration card, if a ration card holder does not take ration for any month, then next month the dealer does not give ration to those people for two months, if a lot of people complain about this, then the food supply department will be able to find the address so that the logo That we will get rid of these complaints. Because Uttrakhand Smart Ration Card 2021 will  scan the barcode of the holders, the data will be entered online. As you know, the record of ration details is being recorded in the manual register right now, but after the creation of the smart card, it will all be over.

Online Form Smart Ration Card 2021

Ration card is an important document for all the poor people, through which economically poor people can buy food at the government ration shops, such as rice, wheat, sugar, oil, kerosene etc. at subsidized rates and appropriately You can live your life with Ration Card 2021 also serves as the identity of every person and it is also useful in making passports. There are three types of ration card, first APL ration card, second BPL ration card, third AAY ration card.

Purpose of Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card 2021

This smart ration card will prevent black marketing in the state. This Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card will be a QR card in 2021   , with the help of which consumers can easily get cheap ration from cheap shops, making the state digital with this smart ration card and taking Uttarakhand towards progress. Providing smart ration cards and simplifying their lives.

Smart Ration Card Highlights 2021

  • Through this smart ration card , the ration card holders of Uttarakhand will be able to take advantage of the facilities of computerized public distribution system.
  • The smart ration card will be linked to the Aadhaar card, which will prevent fraud in cheaper ration distribution.
  • This card will have a QR card, with the help of which ration can be taken at discounted rates.
  • With the Smart Ration Card, it will be known whether the eligible consumer has taken the ration or not.
  • Now the fraud and corruption will be prevented by the left of these cards.

Document of Smart Card 2021

  • Aadhar Card
  • identity card
  • Address proof
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

To build smart ration cards How to Apply | (Application Form Smart Ration Card)

Interested beneficiaries of the state who want to apply online to get a smart ration card, then they will have to wait. Because the process of online application to become smart has not been started yet. As soon as the online application process will be started by the Food and Supplies Department, we will let you know through this article.

How to apply for Uttarakhand Ration Card online?

If the interested beneficiary of the state wants to apply for the ration card, then he should follow the method given below.

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of the Department of Food Supplies. After visiting the official website, the home page will open in front of you.
  • On this home page, you will see the option of Downloads. You have to click on this option. After clicking on the option, the next page will open in front of you.
  • On this page, you have to click on the option of Ration Card Application Form. After clicking on the option, the application form PDF will open in front of you.
  • After this, you can download this application form pdf . After downloading the application form, you will have to fill all the information asked in the application.
  • After filling all the information, you will have to submit the application form to the nearest food supply department.

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Smart ration card online
Smart ration card online

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